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Time ticking faster for residents west of Burns Lake

Residents from Burns Lake to the coast may find their analog clocks running faster than normal. 

That’s because BC Hydro has switched power generation to Rio Tinto power for the next few weeks. 

Power from the Rio Tinto generator runs at a slightly high frequency than provincial grid power and analog clocks use the frequency to keep time. 

Northern Community Relations Manager Mike Kellept said this is so crews can construct a new tower near the Vanderhoof area. 

“It’s part of the larger capacitor project that BC Hydro is working on from Prince George to Terrace.” 

He added the change in supplier happened a few days ago and most residents won’t be impacted. 

“The only real impact anyone would notice is on wall clocks connected to power.” 

Computer and smartphone clocks are not affected. 

Those living east of Houston will be reconnected to the provincial grid on June 19th, with the rest of the “island” being connected on June 29th. 

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