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Rain falls, but not enough to make significant difference on Omineca region blazes

Crews battling wildfires in the Omineca region received some aid as rain fell in the area yesterday. (Monday)

“Unfortunately with that rain came additional thunderstorms, so we did see a new fire pickup in the area,” said Fire Information Officer Karley Desrosiers.

“That being said we did record about six to 12 millimetres of rain depending on location, which is certainly advantageous, unfortunately not enough rain to make any significant difference but will take about two days for things to rebound.”

Desrosiers added that overall, operations are going well on the Fall River and the Big Creek Wildfires.

“Operational objectives continue to be securing the south flank of the Big Creek Fire near the Germansen Landing area,” she explained.

“Heavy equipment has been working steadily to build that guard around that southernmost point, so things are looking good there.”

As of this morning (Tuesday) the Big Creek Wildfire is 47,029 hectares, and the Fall River Wildfire is 12,297 hectares.

Desrosiers noted they are seeing activity, but no considerable growth.

“The Nation River Fire continues to be the one that exhibits the most growth in the complex, but not so much in areas of major concern,” she said.

“That being said, that additional activity will continue to make that fire is visible from Mackenzie.”

As of 10:00 this morning, the Nation River Fire is 16,217 hectares.

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