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Canadian and American flags flown at Smithers Fire Hall

The Smithers Volunteer Fire Department brought out Ladder 11 today (Monday) to display the American and Canadian flags in recognition of September 11th, 2001. 

This is the final year this apparatus will be used to fly the flags as it’s scheduled to be retired. 

Assistant Chief Matt Herzog said the current ladder truck has significance with the events in New York 22 years ago. 

“This ladder truck was in New Jersey on September 11th. When the first tower was struck, the crew including four engines and a second ladder truck were put on standby. When the second tower was hit, this truck with its task force responded.” 

When the first town came down, he says the ladder was within seven city blocks and was staged to assist while the second tower was being evacuated. 

The tradition of flying the flags on a ladder truck started in 2002 with the apparatus of the time. 

Prior to the current truck coming to Smithers, it was purchased by the Fort St. John fire department from New Jersey and used there for a few of years. 

As Ladder 11 has been in service for 25 years between New Jersey and Smithers, retirement is required due to regulations in Canada. 

“There are discussions with Firefighters Without Borders and other groups where we donate apparatus and they go to other parts of the world where they’re required,” said Herzog. 

He added the tradition of flying flags on the town’s ladder truck will continue with the new apparatus.

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