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HomeNewsCooler temperatures helping out in VanJam Fire Zone

Cooler temperatures helping out in VanJam Fire Zone

Cooler temperatures are on the way in the VanJam fire zone as Autumn is beginning.

“Currently we are seeing fire activity is reducing due to the weather that’s coming in,” said Fire Information Officer Marg Drysdale.

“However, on some of the fires, we are mid-day seeing increased fire activity, and on some of the fires there’s quite a bit of heat.”

There are currently four wildfires of note within the VanJam fire zone.

Drysdale said over the past few days, there was one new start over the past few days, but it was quickly handled.

“The fire season is not over,” she said.

“We have resources arriving still, we are actively fighting these fires, we are seeing some heat particularly along the edges.”

Drysdale said in the VanJam fire zone, there are 218 firefighters, 14 helicopters, and multiple support personnel working in the fire zone, with more on the way.

215 South African firefighters left the PG Fire Centre last week, but Drysdale said more resources from inside of the province are on the way.

“We are having some issues with people speeding on some of the forest service roads,” Drysdale said.

“We would ask that if you are using those roads, please slow down, use your road channel, however you need to do that to make it safer for our crews.”

Drysdale said the specific roads they’re working on include the Cunningham, Klusklus and Bobtail FSRs.

Province-wide, there are 385 active wildfires, nine of which are wildfires of note.

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