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HomeNewsHouston getting Water pipes "pigged"

Houston getting Water pipes “pigged”

Houston and District water lines will be cleaned throughout the next two weeks.

Workers will be “pigging’ the pipes by using a cleaning mechanism that scrubs the residue of pipes inner walls.

District Engineering and Operations Manager Don Hounsell says this process is necessary because of the sediments in the area’s water.

“When they go into the pipe and it sits for a bit, they tend to collect to the outside walls of the pipe,” he says, “so we have to go through and usually flush two or three times a year to keep the lines clean.”

Hounsell says different areas will be worked on every day. Residents within a working area will be notified at least one day in advance.

He predicts each project will take a maximum of 4 hours and be done at a convenient time.

Click “Map and Zones” to find out your zone and / or “Notice to Residents for Pigging of Watermains in Your Neighbourhood” for more information.

Pictured is an example of a “pigging” mechanism.

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