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Support requested for invasive plant species management

The Northwest Invasive Plant Council (NWIPC) is calling on the Town of Smithers for further assistance with removing invasive plants from the community. 

The main plant being pointed out is the common tansy, which is considered to be noxious by the Invasive Species Council of BC and can be found across Northern BC. 

NWIPC Project Manager Penni Adams said there have been about 69 recorded locations where the plant has been spotted. 

“Of the 47 sites that are just on municipal lands, not including the right of ways for CN and the Ministry of Transport, 33 are what we consider clean. In other words, they’ve been effectively managed.” 

She added the “clean” sites continue to be monitored as common tansy can return even after 25 years without growth. 

In Smithers, most of the plant management and removal is done by volunteers with tools and supplies being funded by NWIPC. 

Adams proposed the town support a two-part, two-year project that uses Smithers’ current invasive plant budget to locate any currently unknown sites with common tansy. 

The second part would include funding for a volunteer team to manage the plant in recorded locations. 

“I’d also like to suggest a workshop for Smithers operational staff and other interested parties to talk about the management of invasive plants…” she added. 

Further discussion around support will come at the next town council meeting.

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