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Unisex washrooms on the way for Smithers Secondary

A set of washrooms at Smithers Secondary School are scheduled to be renovated into a unisex design. 

This will replace the facilities located in the school’s lobby area with construction slated to run next summer. 

Principal Julie Krall said the school’s wanted to create unisex facilities space for a few years. 

“We have borrowed a model that I have seen at Shas Ti Kelly Road in Prince George. That school is two years old, so they have this amazing bank of gender-neutral washrooms,” she said. 

“The renovation will involve having several individual stalls lining up along a wall and will be semiprivate because there will be a half wall coming out where the mirror and sinks are located.”  

The school does have a single use washroom currently available near the office that staff and students can access. 

“Everything takes time. We now have architectural and engineering plans in place and [School District 54] is tendering the project to determine the costs,” said Krall. 

She added word of the project has been met with a strong reception and students are happy to hear it is coming. 

“In the past we have had some problems with the washroom around TikTok trends, our students are taking pretty good care of them.”

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