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HomeNewsBurns Lake Centennial Art Piece showcased at the Village Office

Burns Lake Centennial Art Piece showcased at the Village Office

The Centennial Art Piece was unveiled at the Burns Lake Village Office last night (Wednesday) to celebrate the day the village incorporated. 

Over the summer, the Lakes District Museum Society held a competition to give someone the title of “Centennial Artist”, which was given to Kara Palmer. 

“I was a little nervous and was a little daunting painting something that had to represent the whole town,” said Palmer. 

She added there was a vague plan in mind when the winning prize was announced for the competition and bringing it to life was a bit more challenging. 

“I just thought of all my favourite aspects of this town and other people’s favourite aspects, and I tried to squish it all into one canvas.” 

Palmer added the hardest part was what she painted at the top of the piece. 

“I took a photograph of Burns Lake in 1923 and put it onto the canvas, measuring it so it it’s exactly to scale. That took me so long and it was so tedious.” 

Also at the top is the six First Nations logos in the Burns Lake area, which she said also challenged her. 

“The bottom portion was a little simpler for me because it was more creative and didn’t have to copy anything,” said Palmer. 

During the unveiling, she said people were excited to see the piece and enjoyed her personal touches. 

Other art pieces made during the competition were auctioned off later that evening.

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