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Smithers Art Gallery and Museum join to feature mushrooms and forests

Mushrooms and forests have taken over the Smithers Old Courthouse with the Fabulous Forests and Marvelous Mushrooms exhibits.

The idea was sparked by an exhibit about BC Mushrooms that’s run by the Royal BC Museum.

The museum partnered with Smithereens Mushrooms to add a local perspective to the traveling exhibit (Logan Flint/My Bulkley Lakes Now Staff)

“We had booked it till the end of May and Nicole was looking for a community show idea,” said Bulkley Valley Museum Curator Kira Westby.

With the exhibit are display panels that talk about mushrooms and the environment, the commercial uses of mushrooms, and some of the different varieties found across the province.

“We have some local mushroom photographs that were done by a former summer student and Smithereens Mushrooms featured with a science display setup that shows their process,” said Westby.

“The traveling exhibit is looking at the wild side and we wanted to show the business of mushrooms when you’re cultivating for consumption.”

She added they hope to do a mushroom cooking class with Smithereens Mushrooms in the spring.

Submitted artwork was themed around forests and mushrooms (Logan Flint/My Bulkley Lakes Now Staff)

At the gallery, about 100 pieces were submitted into the art exhibit by Smithers residents both young and old and include painted and foraged pieces, pottery, and even baked goods displays.

“It is super exciting as well because we often share when school groups come to visit. They’ll split and half go into the gallery, the other into the museum, and then they switch,” said Art Gallery Manager Nicole Chernish.

Some of the artwork is also being featured in the museum with the traveling exhibit.

“This is just an example of a great type of theme and exhibition for the students as well so now people who aren’t students get to experience what they do,” Chernish added.

The opening reception is Friday with the gallery and museum being open until 9:00 p.m.

The art show finishes February 24th with the Marvelous Mushrooms exhibit running until May 26th.

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