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Eby calls Bell Media “corporate vampires” amid job cuts, downsizing

BC Premier David Eby didn’t mince words after Bell Media slashed 4,800 jobs and sold less than half of its regional radio stations.

During a housing announcement in the Lower Mainland yesterday (Thursday), Eby called major corporations like Bell “corporate vampires” citing the company made 3-billion in profits last year but couldn’t find a way to keep their properties.

“On behalf of all British Columbians who have watched their local news stations slowly turn to garbage by these companies who now say unsurprisingly, that there is not a lot of support for them – I just want to say shame on you.”

Eby also took Bell to task over the disposable treatment of its employees and media properties.

“They bought them up like corporate vampires, they sucked the life out of them, laying off local journalists and have overseen the encrapificiation of local news by laying off journalists and now they say it’s no longer economically viable to run these local radio stations.”

“I find it reprehensible. I think it’s appalling and Bell and other companies like Bell that have done this need to be held accountable for the information atmosphere we find ourselves in today.”

Vista Radio, the parent company that owns MyPGNow, Country 97 FM, and 94.3 The Goat acquired 21 of Bell’s BC radio stations located in the Kootenays, North Coast, and North East regions.

The transaction is pending CRTC approval.

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