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HomeNewsNew $10-a-day childcare spaces opening in Houston

New $10-a-day childcare spaces opening in Houston

48 new $10-a-day childcare spaces are opening in Houston, bringing more affordable childcare to the community. 

These spaces are opening at the Beanstalk Early Learning Centre with 16 pre-kindergarten, 24 school aged, and eight multi-aged spaces. 

This was made in an announcement by the province today (Friday) with another 24 centres opening in Vancouver, Surrey, and Squamish. 

“For too long families have struggled to keep up with the high cost of childcare,” said Premier David Eby 

“As we’ve seen the cost of everything increase due to global inflation, this addition of more $10-a-day spaces will give families the kind of break they need, when they need it most.” 

Spaces in the $10 a Day ChildCareBC program reduce the average cost of childcare from $1,120 a month to $200 a month for the same service. 

This saves families an average of approximately $920 a month per child.

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