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HomeNewsUltrasound machine delivered to remote Tsay Keh Dene

Ultrasound machine delivered to remote Tsay Keh Dene

The First Nations Health Authority has delivered an ultrasound machine to the Remote Tsay Keh Dene and Kwadacha, sparing residents a long trek to Prince George.

According to the Health Authority, it can take as much as 12 hours to drive from the reserve to Prince George, with much of the drive taking place on logging roads, with the only other option being flying, which can only happens if weather cooperates.

“More services close to home mean better health outcomes for communities,” said Julie Morrison, First Nations Health Authority Vice-President of Regional Operations in the North.

“This is just the beginning, we want communities to receive care in a timely and effective way.”

The Health Authority purchased the machines, and partnered with Northern Health, who provide biomedical services to these communities.

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