Riders have shared their skate park design ideas, resulting in plans for a “flowy” park.

Over 30 skaters, ranging from ages 8 – 38 recently borrowed the Smithers Council Chambers to share and compare ideas with the park designers from North Vancouver.

The result was to forget any large, X Games-like features for an easier-going, flowy ride. This includes rolling features, bowls, and snake runs, which are good for people of all ages and levels of experience, no matter what they’re riding.

Boarding 4 Brant Head Jay Krauskopf says this idea has a timeless feel.

“It doesn’t get dated. That’s one problem with our existing park is that it has no flow at all. It’s kind of a one- or two-hit park and go back to the other side and you do it again,” he says.

Krauskopf adds that a design could be finished in December.

Another result from the meeting was a new Facebook page to continue the design conversation, keep riders up to speed, and share more ideas.