Members of Council and the Main Street Merchants met last night to discuss the current and future states of Smithers downtown signs.

There hasn’t been complete compliance with the sign bylaws due to a lack of education and communication between the two parties.

In response, the two are trying to work together to shape future laws that pertain to the modern day businesses.

Mayor Taylor Bachrach hopes both parties can find a way to uphold the alpine theme while meeting merchant’s needs.

“We’re looking at ways of making [laws] more efficient, making it easier to understand, and maybe tweaking it here and there to bring it into line with people’s expectations and how people see this community,” he says.

Merchant head Corina Brewer hopes a mutual decision can be made where new laws are enforced while signs can remain eye-catching.

“It’s like people are losing their hearts, [when told] ‘now you have to take it down after all your hard work,” she says, “so we want the Town and the Merchants both to work together so that we can move forward and everyone can be happy and enjoy how beautiful downtown is.”

Examples of bylaw-breaking include businesses with more than two signs, “Open” signs, and signs too low to the ground. As it currently stands, businesses can be fined up to $5000 per day.