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HomeNewsCullen weighs in on backlash over NDP mass fliers

Cullen weighs in on backlash over NDP mass fliers

NDP MP Nathan Cullen is weighing in on a Board of Internal Economy ruling that the NDP shouldn’t have used House money to send out flyers about Tom Mulcair.

Cullen says the NDP didn’t do anything that the Conservatives and Liberals haven’t done themselves.

“The Liberals started doing this carpet bombing using tax payer funded letters into ridings that were not their own. We thought this wasn’t right and we went to the House of Commons and said is this legal and the House said yes. We asked the Liberals to stop and they said no and so then everybody starts to pile on.”

Cullen says as of yet there has been no formal request to repay the money spent on the leaflets because that would mean making the other parties repay as well.

“The reason there hasn’t be a formal payback request yet is because if what we did now seemed to be no good and has to be paid back then that’s true for the other parties as well. And we know the Conservatives have sent way more then we have and the Liberals have sent a pile as well. That’s why they are hesitating.”

He says the NDP is supportive of shutting down all fan outs but won’t be the only party that isn’t allowed to send out flyers.

Conservatives and Liberals say their concerns surround the partisan leaflets going out during a byelection using parliamentary mailing privileges.

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