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Weekend crash claims family from Moricetown

A weekend crash that claimed four people has torn a hole in the Moricetown community.

Family member, Debbie Pierre says siblings John, Albert “Jik” Michell and Jeannie Mitchel were all from Moricetown and between the three leave behind a large family and 16 children.

“They have always been avid supporters of their children and their family and the community and the nation. Regardless of where things were happening you would always see the three of them there along with their other siblings. They were born into a family of nine siblings and this is such a tragic loss for all of them.”

The three were on their way to a bingo game in Hazelton on Saturday evening when their van was in a head on collision with an SUV at the Highway 16 Boulder Creek corner.

The female driver of the other vehicle was killed in the crash as well.

Family travelling behind the trio came upon the accident shortly afterwards and tried to help the victims, but RCMP say all four died at the scene.

“There were a number of people on the scene and sadly a number of our community members were witness to the accident as well,” says Pierre. “We really wanted to thank everybody, for those who responded to the accident it was such a tragic site and we continue to pray for them and our family also expresses our sincere condolences to the other driver.”

A small memorial of flowers now sits with scatterings of broken glass at the side of the highway where community members came out to perform a traditional blessing of the site on the evening of the crash which closed the highway for hours as crews investigated.

Some family raised concerns yesterday with the highway and the need for improvements and possibly dividers down the centre of the road.

A smoke feast to plan funeral arrangements will be held in Moricetown this evening.

The RCMP hasn’t released any further details yet on what caused the accident.

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