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Bulkley Valley schools closed again as teachers vote in favour of full strike

Bulkley Valley schools are on strike again today as part of the ongoing rotating BCTF strikes.

Local teacher rep, Karen Bachman says teachers voted in favor of a full scale strike yesterday which could start early next week.

“We are considering what we will do. We want the government to come to the bargaining table, we want to get a deal now. We don’t want to have a full walk out so we are really optimistic and hopeful that the government will look at how they can move and the BCTF is looking at how they can move.”

She says for now schools will be in session next Monday as the BCTF has to give three days strike notice before walking out.

“I know that’s not good for anybody. Nobody likes not knowing, from the teachers to the students to the parents. But when you are trying to get a deal bargained and you’re trying to get a deal to happen you have to go one day at a time.”

Bachman says reaching a deal this week will keep all report cards, final exams and end of year events on track.

“We are hoping that we can get a deal in this next week and we can have the year end the way it should be. So, I don’t know what is going to happen.”

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