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HomeNewsTwenty year anniversary of Smithers girl's disappearance

Twenty year anniversary of Smithers girl's disappearance

Twenty years ago today 16-year old Ramona Wilson left her Smithers home to meet friends in Moricetown and disappeared.

Ramona’s mother, Matilda Wilson says her daughter planned to hitchhike to take part in graduation celebrations but when she never showed up for work after the weekend Wilson knew something was very wrong.

“She could have been picked up in town or on the highway, we aren’t sure about that. But we assume that she got a ride and something went wrong there.”

Wilson says RCMP originally assumed that Ramona had simply run away but then one simple clue changed their minds.

“There was a phone call that came in in January saying that Ramona’s body was behind the airport and then they hung up after that. We didn’t know who had made that phone call and that was a very important phone call.”

She says the police searched and found nothing but 10 months after her disappearance off-roaders found her body on Yelich Road, near the airport.

Now every year grieving family and friends hold a walk to remember Ramona and raise awareness about women missing along the Highway.

This Saturday’s walk will start at 10am at the Lake Kathlyn School parking lot and end at the spot where her daughter was found almost 20 years ago.

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