Stikine MLA Doug Donaldson says he’s optimistic but not sold on Premier Christy Clark’s recent comments on mines.

The Premier is working on a plan that would allow mines to defer power expenses until the industry is back on its feet.

She says this a proposal that has to be the “best decision for British Columbians,” and that the government will do its part to keep mines open “so they can expand, so they keep on hiring more people when copper goes up to $3.50 a pound.”

While skeptical, Donaldson says he’s open to anything that can help local mines stay open.

“We all want to have a strong and vibrant mining sector, especially in the North and the Northwest and that’s what I’m looking to support,” he says.

However, he’s concerned about past decisions made by the Provincial government.

“Due to the track record of the BC Liberals, they’ve really limited our options when it comes to BC Hydro and trying to create some room for companies along those lines.”

The Premier also promised not to risk taxpayers money and saying that coming to the “Provincial government must be a last resort.”