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HomeNewsNew water tower vital for Telkwa growth

New water tower vital for Telkwa growth

Telkwa Council is still awaiting government funding before it can start construction on a new water tower.

The Village is already seeing its lack of water pressure hinder local development.

Mayor Darcy Repen says the Seniors Development in the Tower Neighbourhood is facing roadblocks.

“Already, the pressure is so low in that neighbourhood, it’s a slightly higher elevation, that literally they wouldn’t have sufficient water pressure supply,” he says.

He believes project funding is the key to the Village’s economic and residential development.

“We need to have the opportunity to be able to draw people and expand our village as the demand is there but without that water tower we just simply don’t have the storage and supply to accommodate growth.”

The low water pressure is also causing major fire protection concerns in the Village’s downtown.

Currently, Telkwa had one grant denied, but is waiting to hear back on another full-funding application.

The photo was taken from the Province of British Columbia’s Flickr page.




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