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Cullen questions hints at Enbridge decision delay

Skeena MP Nathan Cullen says the Harper government may be getting worried about future votes after Minister of Natural Resources, Greg Rickford hinted that there could be a delay on the impending Enbridge decision.

“I think it is certainly having some impact. It is certainly making it more difficult for the Prime Minister but this was always going to be difficult. He painted himself into a corner and married himself to this one bad pipeline and two thirds of British Columbians have consistently said they are opposed to this. More and more we are hearing from Conservative voters that this is a significant problem for them too. This issue crosses partisan lines. It’s not a right and left thing, it is a right and wrong thing.”

On Wednesday Rickford mentioned to press that the federal government could choose to delay the final decision which is expected on June 17th.

Cullen guessed the government may be considering more First Nations consultation or waiting until the summer to approve the pipeline when less people are paying attention to the news – but he says it’s all speculation at this point.

However other media reported yesterday that the Prime Minister hinted to an approval when he said they would follow “expert advice” on Enbridge – likely referring to the Joint Review Panel’s approval with conditions.

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