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HomeNewsSmithers shelter takes in newborn moose

Smithers shelter takes in newborn moose

The Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter has taken in a newborn moose calf.

Shelter manager, Angelika Langen says they picked up the baby moose after people in Prince George found her in a ditch on the side of a road.

Langen says they believe the baby was hit by a car.

“Maybe mom had another one and moved on or whatever, I don’t know, but there was no mother in sight and it was just the calf and she was really wet and cold. So (the people who found her) took care of her, they took her home and called the conservation officers and the conservation officers called us.”

Langen says the little moose is only a few days old and is now recovering at the shelter.

“She was just a newborn, the cord was still attached so maybe a couple days old. Rough start in life. Otherwise she is doing really good, eating up a storm and playing and hopping around.”

Although she is happy in her new home, Langen says she has a hernia – probably from being hit by a car – and will need surgery if she is going to survive.

She says shelter workers are talking with veterinarians about options for the calf.

Photo: Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter

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