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Student Entrepreneurs in Smithers

Students will be getting a chance this summer to learn how to run a business in a Dragons Den remake named The Grizzly Den.

The winners get to run an ice cream parlor in Downtown Smithers at Bovill Square including 16-year-old Logan Lush.

“I’m definitely glad it was given to us, this opportunity,” says Logan. “We signed a contract with Bugwood stating that we can stay there for certain days throughout the week. So we’ll be switching between there and Bovill Square.”

Logan sees it as an opportunity to save a bit of money – he has plans of studying law. He’ll be running the ice cream parlour with two other 16-year-olds as well.

Northwest Community College, the High School and the Smithers Chamber of Commerce Partnered to create the ice cream stand and the Grizzly Den. Smithers Council also approved the use of Bovill Square for the business.

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