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HomeNews"GradPASS" helping Hazelton High school grads stay safe

“GradPASS” helping Hazelton High school grads stay safe

Parents don’t have to worry about their kids getting home safely this graduation season.

Grade 12 students in Hazleton will soon get their “GradPASS” cards. These can be used for unlimited bus travel on any two days in June.

Arriving alive is always the top priority, but BC Transit Spokesperson Drew Snider says there are other benefits to the program.

“To congratulate kids on coming out of this particular journey in their life and starting on a new one,” he says, “it’s a way of building a transit culture in somebody’s mind where they look at public transit as being a viable alternative, and it’s also a way to make sure they stay safe.

More than 21,000 graduates will get a pass across 45 BC communities.

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