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Snow Basin levels well below average

The latest report from the River Forecast Centre shows snow basin levels are way below average.

The Nechako is sitting at just 12%. The Skeena and Stikine are sitting at just 2% of what they should be.

Centre Hydrologist Tobi Gardner says there are a few reasons for this year’s low numbers.

“Early melt this year as a result of a very warm spring condition resulting in the early run off about 3-4 weeks earlier than normal,” he says.

He adds says the dry weather in April and early May are the main reasons for the current levels. He says these could mean early summer low flows.

“Summer tends to be a bit drier so flows do dip down to lower summer flows naturally, but what we’re expecting to see is an earlier transition to those summer flows this year unless we get some above average precipitation over the next few weeks.”

Gardner adds this could mean early summer low flows.

Current snow conditions are more typical of late-June or early July.

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