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Land use plan near Burns Lake won't be altered to increase wood supply

The Lakes Land Use Plan won’t be adjusted to create more timber volume for the area around Burns Lake.

Ministry of Forests, Eamon O’Donoghue says a review of the current plan found that changes to it won’t increase timber supply in the area.

He says the fact that the plan doesn’t need adjusting is good news for the community who put it together.

“They are really community-driven plans. There were usually representatives from all sectors of communities that were on these planning tables to develop these plans. And all those members were members of diverse parts of the community so they still hold a lot of stock in what those plans say. I think a lot of people were happy that we weren’t going in and undoing something that they put a lot of work into”

O’Donoghue says the provincial plan reviews are only one objective for increasing the timber supply after the pine beetle epidemic, other initiatives include fertilization and silviculture programs.

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