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BC woman challenges new assisted dying legislation

Not even two weeks after becoming law, the federal government’s new assisted dying legislation is being challenged in court.

A BC woman has joined forces with the BC Civil Liberties Association to launch a constitutional challenge of the new assisted dying legislation.

25 year old Julia Lamb has spinal muscular atrophy, and has had declining health in recent years.

“If I reach a point where I require constant care, I will lose my independence and freedom. I am terrified by the idea that I could become trapped in a state of physical and mental suffering that could last for months, years or even decades.”

Lamb would not be eligible under the recently passed federal legislation which restricts medically assisted dying to those suffering from terminal illness. It does not allow the procedure for those suffering with no end in site.

The Senate recommended the House of Commons amend Bill C-14 on those very grounds, however the House declined.

At a media event in Vancouver on Monday, Howard Shapray spoke on behalf of his late wife Elayne, who took part in the successful Supreme Court Case.

“That is a victory that has now been stripped away by unconstitutional legislation, propounded by a Minister of Justice who quite bluntly in my opinion deceived the Canadian people” he said when Jody Wilson Raybould and PM Justin Trudeau promised to respect the Carter Supreme Court Ruling.

“The inevitable result of this litigation, the leading constitutional experts predict, will be like Carter was a resound repudiation and defeat of this legislation.”

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