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A sign bylaw could strengthen the ‘alpine theme’ in downtown Smithers

A new sign bylaw could change what materials are allowed for building a sign in downtown Smithers.

Council wants attractive materials like wood, glass and rock used and not plastic, composite or aluminum.

Mayor Taylor Bachrach says it’s about sticking with an alpine theme in the downtown core.

“Signs are an important part of the character we’re trying to create in our downtown. We wanted to make sure the sign bylaw really strengthened that theme we’ve got going on,” says Bachrach.

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He also wants to make sure the rules are clear.

“I’m confident with the little tweaks we made tonight – when the bylaw comes back for adoption, it’s going to serve us very well for a lot of years,” says Bachrach. “Tighten up the language so when the business owner reads the bylaw they know what we’re trying to do with the regulations.”

Council also decided not to allow canopy signs that aren’t solid structures, or a part of the building.

The bylaw will be back in the council chambers July 12th, and is expected to pass if nothing else is changed.

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