The Hudson’s Bay Lodge in Smithers is set to get a major overhaul of its exterior.

Prestige Resorts is spending $750,000 to update the facade, add a patio, signage and landscaping.

Prestige Director of Design Janice Zazula says when they purchase or build any hotel, they do the best to make it fit the town’s theme – whether it be a lakeside resort, or in Smithers case a mountain town.

“It’s such a charming charming little place, that we were not really even familiar with until we went and did the purchase of the Hudson Bay Lodge (in June 2015). We hope to make it conform a little bit with what the theme was going on in town.”

She says the current tudor styling will be replaced by “more colour” and natural material such as hardie board, timber framing and stone.

“We’d also like to do a couple of exterior build outs and take advantage of some of the peaks that are on the front of the property. Define them a little bit more and give them depth to get that one flat faced building look away from it.”

The Hudson’s Bay Lodge was built in 1980/81 with a later expansion in 2007. The original section of building was completed prior to the “Alpine Theme” guidelines were brought in 1997.

Prestige Resorts says with the exception of the expansion in 2007, no aesthetic changes to the exterior of the property have taken place since construction.

In addition, the current covered drive through will be removed and replaced with a more prominent pull through with two way vehicular traffic capability and motor coach accessibility.

The new patio will also have direct access from the restaurant. A new highway side sign will be installed.

The development permit is in front of Smithers council tonight. Zazula says “if we get approved tonight, we order the materials tomorrow.” The entire project is scheduled to take 12 weeks with a start date in mid September.

Zazula added the Lodge will also be installing aesthetic upgrades to the hotels rooms themselves over the course of the year.