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The kids come back

The Moricetown Band is hosting Bringing Home The Children, an opportunity for kids who live outside the community to reconnect with family and culture.

The band’s Trevor Jang says they host the event every two years for kids who live in adopted homes or are currently in the foster care system.

He says this year between ten and twenty children will return to the valley for three days of events designed to integrate them back into the community and put them back in touch with their roots.

“For youth that are Wet’suwet’en and are not growing up at home it is very important to have them connected with their culture and their community as much as possible. The foster care system can be very challenging for youth, it can be very confusing for youth and it is very easy for them to lose their identity throughout that process.”

The kids will attend an all clans feast, participate in traditional arts and crafts, tour the territory and attend the opening ceremony for the Moricetown Canyon.

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