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HomeNewsMore passing lanes coming to Hwy 16

More passing lanes coming to Hwy 16

A series of new passing lanes are coming to the highway 16 corridor.

One will go in at the Cluculz Lake Hill west of Prince George. Three will be installed in the Bulkley Valley near Toboggan, Tyhee and Broman Lakes.

“These are going to add, obviously more opportunity for motorists to safely pass slower moving vehicles – much much needed as you see the increasing volumes from end to end.” said Transportation Minister Todd Stone

The federal government is pitching in $16M for the suite of projects which also includes a new intersection in Terrace. The total cost of the upgrades will be $37.7M.

“A lot going on infrastructure wise along the corridor here, the announcements I made this week will total probably $60-70M by the time I’m done in Friday in Prince George.” said Stone at another funding announcement for an arena in Hazelton.

He noted that increased development, especially in the natural resource industry, is driving growth in the region, “So we’ve got to make sure our infrustrure is there to support that growth.”

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