The Nicola Valley Institute of Technology is looking to build a northern campus in the next five years.

President Ken Tourand says the provincial election slowed down those plans to pick a spot for a third campus with campuses already in Vancouver and Merritt.

“60 to 70 per cent of our students come from the north. So, we would like to see a NVIT northern campus. Whether that’s in Burns Lake or Tumbler Ridge; we haven’t necessarily said that’s where we want to go.”

NVIT works with First Nations communities like Lake Babine Nation to provide programming to members.

Torund says wherever the campus would be located, the college would need an invitation from the community.

NVIT has also offered three now programs in the Lakes District through a partnership with the Lake Babine Nation.

“Quite often we do a lot of First Nations language courses. This year is the first time we’ve been up here with three courses.”

The programs include a first-year degree program in chemical addictions, a cultural assessor certificate and a camp cook program in Burns Lake.

Tourand says the college has an Aboriginal mandate and works with First Nations across the country.