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HomeNewsBC boasting near 4% year-to-date job growth: report

BC boasting near 4% year-to-date job growth: report

BC’s expectations of a balanced budget within the Victoria legislature remains on track.

That’s according to Finance Minister Carole James, who says the GDP forecast hasn’t changed with an expected growth rate of nearly three percent before the end of this year, and an extra two percent jump by 2018.

For job growth, she says opportunities have grown by nearly four percent year-to-date, along with the lowest unemployment rate in Canada at less than six percent.

“In fact, right now, we have the fastest growth in the country. 11 of the 16 major employment categories have reported gains. When you’re looking at that wide diversity, it’s an important piece that will help us build that sustainable economic growth it is needed.”

The Deputy Premier to John Horgan also boasts BC housing starts through the first 10 months of 2017 with more than 42,000 units.

James also believes the NDP have put together a workable budget plan despite some challenges.

“Affordability, improving services, building a strong, sustainable economy; you are seeing that those indicators are strong for British Columbians, while we maintain the balance that is there in the budget, and while we maintain fiscal prudence.”

In terms of exports, she says the provincial government is monitoring NAFTA talks, which could determine the impact on softwood lumber.

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