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Liberals Not Pleased with NDP and BC Green Proportional Representation Working Group

The NDP government has formed a working group on proportional representation, and its not sitting well with the opposition.

The group will engage British Columbians on how to shape the way people will vote when the provincial referendum on electoral reform kicks in.

Nechako Lakes Liberal MLA John Rustad says it’s interesting how bias the NDP’s approach on proportional representation is.

“They refuse to consider having a balance, be able to have a thresh hold riding from the province, they refuse to consider the need for significant turn out to be able to change democracy and when you look at the panel that they put together three out of the four members are strongly in favour of going proportional representation.”

Premier John Horgan poses for photo with Victoria students | BC Government/Facebook

This new system will drown out voices in the north says Rustad

“Our democracy was designed in Canada to be able to allow for voices from a broad range across these areas, plus of course being able to have the affected voices from urban areas.”

Rustad says the government has a clear goal and will try to achieve it regardless of the push back .

Since 1928, there has only been one general election in BC where a single party received over half the vote.

Under a proportional system, the number of seats in the legislature would be comparable to a party’s share of the votes.

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