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HomeNewsPeople need to be more flexible on employment opportunities: CFIB

People need to be more flexible on employment opportunities: CFIB

The highest job vacancy rate in Canada still belongs to BC at 3.4% despite boasting the country’s lowest unemployment rate and the best economy among the provinces.

Over 60,000 unfilled jobs are still up for grabs province-wide according to a report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

A different strategy maybe in order so these hard to fill positions can be occupied.

“What this tells me is that policy-makers need to go back to the drawing board and they need to figure out better, more innovative ways to match the people that are looking for work with the jobs are actually vacant and open and go unfilled in the economy,” says Richard Truscott, BC Vice-President.

Small businesses in Northern BC are experiencing the same problem trying to fill vacant jobs.

Several communities across the north have a higher vacancy rate than some of their counterparts in the Lower Mainland despite having a smaller pool of people to choose from.

Some people may need to go to back to the drawing board when matching people with the appropriate jobs

“And that means better training programs, that means providing information to job seekers as to where jobs exist and it also means that people who are looking for work need to be more flexible in terms of the kinds of jobs and the types of roles they’re willing to accept,” added Truscott.

“Government organizations believe they are having a hard time in getting people to work in their organizations, well how do you think small businesses feel who often cannot pay the same kinds of salaries or the same kind of benefits that a government agency or a big business can and that’s something to bare in mind as we have data, which supports that assertion.”

“The smaller the organization, the smaller the business, the more difficult it is to find enough qualified people work in the business or organization.”

Quebec and Ontario have the second and third highest job vacancy rates in the country at 3.1% and 3.0% respectively.

Both provinces also have a higher amount of unfilled jobs at 85,000 and 149,600.

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