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HomeNewsRecent cold weather could be dangerous: PG Search & Rescue

Recent cold weather could be dangerous: PG Search & Rescue

Temperatures in Northern BC have been fairly chilly of late, to say the least.

The last week has regularly seen it dip to -20 and with the wind chill that number drops into the -30’s.

“The biggest risk to anyone outdoors right now is going to be the cold,” says Prince George Search & Rescue Search Manager Dale Bull.

“Any exposed skin could result in frostbite; if someone was to find themselves outside unexpectedly, hypothermia would be a concern very quickly.”

Bull stresses proper layering is your best bet.

“People should only be going outside if they’re well-dressed and well-prepared to be out there,” he says.

“Dress in layers, make sure any exposed skin is covered even if you’re not planning on being outside for long.”

Bull says drivers should also be prepared in case their vehicle unexpectedly breaks down by bringing a heavy coat or extra blanket.

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