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HomeNewsBC's PTB approves to eliminate Greyhound routes in the north

BC’s PTB approves to eliminate Greyhound routes in the north

The BC’s Passenger Transportation Board has approved Greyhounds application to eliminate routes in Northern BC.

Areas effected are:
Prince George to Fort. St James
Dawson Creek to Prince George
Prince Rupert to Prince George
Prince George to Alberta Boarder

Since 2010, ride ship has seen a decline of 46 per cent, which has led to a loss in profits for the company.

Chair of the PTB Catharine Read says another reason for eliminating services is because the system they were using wasn’t working the way it had it in the past.

“The model in the past was one where profits on high profitable routes were used to subsidise routes that incurred losses. That model no longer works, so, the profitable routes you find in the southern part of BC can no longer subsidise the north.”

The decision to shut down these routes will effect those in the north who heavily rely on the services.

Members of the Passenger Transportation Board (PTB) meet with Prince George residents, elected officials on Greyhound possible cancelling its services in Northern BC | Kyle Balzer, My PG Now

“We regret having to do this and appreciate the Board’s acknowledgement of the difficult circumstances under which we’ve been operating over the past several years,” said Stuart Kendrick, Senior Vice President, Greyhound Canada.

For the time being, the company’s operations will remain business as usual.

Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Claire Trevena released a statement about the decision.

“Eliminating and reducing service along rural and remote routes will leave people vulnerable, particularly Indigenous communities, women, seniors, children and those living with disabilities.

She added in the coming weeks she will speak to local officials, First Nations and others affected by Greyhound’s upcoming service change, to find a long term solution to the problem.

Back in August 2017, the Greyhound put forward an application to stop services in the north.

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