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HomeNewsMay 24th Fire in Telkwa near Highway 16

May 24th Fire in Telkwa near Highway 16

Around 11 am yesterday morning (May 24th), reports were made to Telkwa Fire Rescue of a house fire that broke out near Highway 16 in Telkwa.

Telkwa Fire Rescue Chief Laurence Turney describes the blaze.

“The fire took place in a two-story house along Highway 16. It was difficult to battle, due to the structure of the roof. It was a tin roof that had a space filled with sawdust and then a ceiling underneath that. This made it extremely difficult to get at the blaze from the right angle.”

Turney says although it took quite some time and effort, he’s glad to report the scene was able to be contained.

“We were there around 11 am, had it contained by nearly 4 pm and then we went into what we call overhaul. We ended up getting an excavator to come in and assist us and I’d say we had things wrapped up around 9:30 pm.”

Thankfully, Turney reports there were no injuries or fatalities due to the blaze and the damage was contained to the one home.

Turney says he will be heading to the home this afternoon to do a preliminary report.

At this time, the cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

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