Smithers Mayoral Candidate Randy Bell says his priority if elected is to simplify bylaws and rules to help local businesses.

Bell says he wanted to run because he disagrees with some of the decisions the council has made in the past.

“One of the big issues I keep hearing about is the unhappiness and difficulty that businesses keep running into specifically with the town,” Bell says.

Bell says there needs to be a more simplified process with bylaws and rules, so its easier for local businesses to move forward.

Other priorities he said were important were looking at better ways to spend funds and grants as well as focusing on how to better maintain the towns current infrastructure.

“There is no doubt they have been doing things. Projects have been started, process have been going through but where those funds get placed I think has been a little miss directed,” says Bell.

Bell is running against current Mayor Taylor Bachrach who is up for his third term for re-election.

Bell and Taylor will get a chance to debate these and other important issues at the All-Candidates Debate tonight from 7PM to 9PM at the Della Herman Theatre.