The province is getting ready for the 5th year of the tick tracking program by asking residents to record all moose sighting.

Provincial Wildlife Veterinarian, Helen Schwantje (Swan-cha) said the purpose of the program is to try and get a better picture on the impact ticks have on the moose population.

“The best way to determine if they have ticks is to ask people to look for hair loss and the pattern of hair loss. It is a rough guideline as to how many ticks are on them and how much it is affecting them,” said Schwantje.

She said they do not have enough data yet to determine what the effect is but are getting more and more people participating every year.

Tick infections are observed on Moose from the beginning of January to end of April, but signs do not usually start to show until the end of February.

Schwantje said they are looking for information on both health looking moose and those showing hair loss to track the data.

Those wanting to participate can find the survey on the website or emailing