Renovations at the Smithers are going smoothly according to Airport Manager Rob Blackburn.

He says the Boarding Lounge has been operational since August while the terminal upgrades are 70% done.

Blackburn believes a much better travelling experience awaits residents in the Bulkley Valley when the work is all done.

“We’re going to have more space, we’re going to have way more room for queuing if it’s needed and we’re going to have a much bigger baggage carousel making it easier for people who are coming to Smithers to pick up their bags and collect and meet their loved ones.”

“The view of the mountains, our art wells and the furniture and stuff in the new boarding lounge is so comfortable people seem to really be enjoying it and that makes our job easier. When people are at ease and they are comfortable and ready to get on their flight, having the new space available where folks can come in and wait for their flight is a bonus.”

Blackburn adds the upgrades set up the town nicely as they deal with the recent growth.

“What we have done is positioned the community for growth like we’ve been seeing for the last 20 years and we could probably be fine at this space for another 15 to 20 years, we could effectively double our passenger loads here now and have no concerns with capacity here at the airport.”

Studio 531 out of Victoria was the architect firm behind the upgrades who hit a home run according to Blackburn.