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B.C. residents will find out why gas is so expensive; Wilson-Raybould and Philpott to decide what party to join by early June

Prices of gas in B.C. nearly 25 cents more than in Alberta

An investigation into the skyrocketing gas prices in BC is being launched. The announcement was made after the province’s premier asked the Utilities Commission to explain why the price had increased so much over the past months. The price difference between Vancouver and Edmonton is almost 25 cents.

The Green Party could get two more MPs

The two liberal MPs who left Justin Trudeau’s cabinet over the SNC Lavalin scandal might join the Green Party. Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott currently sit as independent members of parliament. The Green’s leader Elizabeth May said she expected the two to make a decision by early next month. The NDP is also an option.

China hears appeal from Canadian sentenced to death

A Canadian sentenced to death in China had his appeal heard and will find out his fate at on an unspecified date. Robert Schellenberg was initially sentenced to 15 years for being a major part of a crystal meth smuggling operation. His sentence was changed to the death penalty in January creating more tension between the two countries.

Citizens falling out of favour with legalized cannabis decision

The honeymoon appears to be over between Canadians and legalized Cannabis. A study by Dalhousie and Guelph universities showed that only 50 percent of those surveyed agree with legalization which is down almost 20 percent from 2017. The supply shortage is considered the main reason for the drop in support. Over a quarter of users said they are still getting the drug from their pre-legal sources out of convenience.

North Korea launches unidentified projectile

Nuclear disarmament talks between North Korea and Washington could be at risk. The South Korean military reported the North launched at least one unidentified projectile for the second time in five days. Officials from the South are still investigating and haven’t released exactly what was fired from the North’s west side.

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