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Trudeau preparing to table NAFTA deal; Man in Japan kills two and injures 17 before committing suicide


NAFTA deal could go before House of Commons by Thursday

Legislation should be tabled soon by Justin Trudeau to implement the new NAFTA deal. The Prime Minister put it on the House of Commons notice paper which means it could be tabled by the time U.S. Vice President Mike Pence arrives in Ottawa this Thursday.

Canadian tech guru warns world leaders about social media

The retired executive of Blackberry said social media could be a threat to democracy. Jim Balsillie made the statement just before the international grand committee on big data gathered in Ottawa. He claimed if left unchecked, technology will replace print and broadcast media. He also urged governments to shut down social media until it can be reformed.

Police still looking for motive after knife attack in Japan

A man attacked and killed two school girls in Japan and injured at least 17 others before killing himself. Apparently, he was carrying a knife in both hands when he approached the group of girls at a bus stop just outside Tokyo. Police found two more knives in the 51-year-old man’s backpack and are still trying to figure out his motive.

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