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Hazelton’s Environmental Service Winners Announced

“Think globally, Act locally” was Hazelton Library’s theme throughout their “Community Environmental Service” contest, so it should be no surprise that the award winners reflect it as well.
The winners are listed in an official statement from the library:
Kelly Suhan – for turning passion into progress. Kelly’s work as a Daycare Leader and mother has inspired action and spread education on the new expanded recycling services at the New Hazelton Bottle Depot. As a real global twist, Kelly brings her experiences with setting up recycling programs in Brazil to the Hazeltons.

Lori-Ann Plewak, the Grade 6/7 teacher at New Hazelton Elementary School is being awarded for her initiatives to involve students in Making Every Day Earth Day. Ms. Plewak has helped set up gardens at the school and also organized an Earth project for this year that encouraged every student to bring 3 plastic recyclable containers to the bottle depot for recycling.

Phil Muir is awarded for Leading by Example. His dedication and long-standing contributions to the Wrinch MemorialHospital Community Gardens has been recognized and appreciated by many residents.

Wrinch Memorial Auxiliary Thrift Store is award for the oldest, continuous service to both the community and the local environment by offering a well-organized way to REUSE items that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

New Hazelton Bottle Depot is also recognized for expanded recycling service options. The new operator Kym, says he does it for the community, not for the money. This is a dirty job but somebody has to do it, and when English is your second language it’s even tougher to run a recycling depot. Thanks Kym for your hard work, we really appreciate it!

There are many other organizations and individuals worthy of recognition in the Hazeltons and the library encourages everybody to salute all efforts to make our community a better place. Many of this year’s awards are focused on a recycling theme, reflecting the fact that our local landfill, commonly known as the dump due to it’s dumpy appearance, is overflowing with garbage and is now being expanded. There are still so many items going to landfill that should not, and we need everybody’s help to get this problem under control.

All the winners will receive a display for their ideas and will have their efforts promoted by the library

Assistant Librarian Laurie Gallant says a big inspiration behind these awards was the recognize local volunteers, saying “We wouldn’t have a lot of these projects and services if it wasn’t for the dedication and hard work of these people that are really going above and beyond what their job is calling for.”
For more information about the awards or the library, contact Laurie Gallant, Assistant Library and coordinator of the Greening the Library program.

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