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Province sends additional help for Alberta and Yukon wildfires

An early start to the wildfire season has prompted the province to send additional firefighters to help fight the fires burning in Alberta and the Yukon.

“The BC Wildfire Service recognizes the importance of sharing firefighting resources given the invaluable assistance that both Alberta and the Yukon provided to B.C. during the last two wildfire seasons, which were the worst in the province’s history,” BC Wildlife Service said in a news release.

A total of 137 men and women will be deployed Monday and Tuesday throughout Alberta, including six unit crews and a 31-person incident management team.

The Yukon which has several fires burning throughout the province including an over 9,000 Hectare blaze near the British Columbia border will get six firefighters and fire camp manager.

The 267 firefighters sent to Alberta last week will return from there deployment at the end of this week.

Although the current wildfire situation in the province is moderate with no significant areas of concern, BC Wildlife Service said: “sufficient personnel and resources remain in the province to respond appropriately to any fire activity here.”

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