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HomeNewsClimate strike being held in Smithers on Highway 16

Climate strike being held in Smithers on Highway 16

Smithers is participating in the Global Climate Strike beginning on Friday (Sept 20).

The strike will be located across the Museum on Highway 16 at noon. The strike is being run by Greg and Kathryn Garcia.

This is one of two strikes that will be held in Smithers. Another larger walkout will be located on Sept. 27 that will be run by the students.

Greg Garcia said he is concerned about the lives of young people.

“We have created a situation where I have a better chance of living out my natural life then my children do and they have a better chance of living their lives then their children do, It’s sort of like we’re using everything up,” he said.

Garcia also said he hopes this strike will raise awareness of the global warming issue.

“I hope it results in many many people, ten times or whatever coming out on the following Friday when the student’s main activity,” he said.

Around the world, cities will be taking part in this global climate strike from Sept 20 until Sept 27.

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