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HomeNewsSafeway crushes goal, Raised $15,500+ for Breast Cancer

Safeway crushes goal, Raised $15,500+ for Breast Cancer

Smithers is proving time and time again that they care about their community, this time to the tune of 100 000 air miles.
Safeway has been raising money for breast cancer all month and had an optimistic goal of $11,000.
What they didn’t expect was to crush their goal so quickly.
To date, the grocery store has raised over $15,500. Safeway Second Assistant Dan Russell describes the feeling of surpassing their goal.
“Oh, it was incredible! Just off our opening weekend we were already above $5000, and we were just blown away,” he says.
Each donation is a chance for shoppers to enter a draw for 100,000 air miles.
Safeway will be collecting donations until May 17th.

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