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BC Wildfire Service warning of smoke in Northwest Fire Center

The BC Wildfire Service is tracking a significant number of registered Category 3 fires in the Northwest Fire Centre.

Smoke and flames from the fires could be visible in nearby communities and roadways.

Carolyn Bartos, Fire Information Officer said smoke was visible in the area Monday (Oct.7).

“We’re just looking at that time of the season where industrial burns will be taking place, some have already been taking place when venting conditions are favorable,” she said.

Bartos also said if people want to burn a campfire to look at the venting conditions.

“Anyone conducting an open burn must comply with the Wildfire Act and just be aware of the air quality control and the legislation,” she said.

If venting conditions are rated “poor” or “fair” category 2 and 3 open burnings is restricted.

If an open fire escapes and causes a wildfire the person responsible may be held accountable for damage and fire suppression costs.

The venting index and information about safe open burning practices can be seen on

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