The province and ICBC are reminding people to prepare for the winter conditions and driving in them. 

According to ICBC, casualty crashes increase around the province by 87 % compared to crashes in October. 

In Northern, BC crashes rise from an average of 14 to 34 casualty crashes. 

Doug MacDonald, ICBC Spokesperson said the crashes are seen because people are driving to fast for the road conditions. 

“One of the big things that we have to do is adjust our driving and that’s one of the biggest things we can talk a lot about the fact that we should slow down but it comes down to each driver they know what they need to do,” he said.

MacDonald encourages drivers to clean their vehicle off completely of snow and ice before driving. 

“When we do get the snow make sure to clean the top vehicle off, make sure you clean the hood off so, all that snow will eventually heat up a little bit while you’re driving and it will fly into your windshield or onto the road,” he said. 

Tips the province and ICBC are giving are to prepare for the extreme cold, wear winter gear, prepare for power outages, use your headlights and taillights, have a safety kit in your vehicle and use caution around snowplows.