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HomeNewsNorthern BC's economic status altered by dramatic changes in several sectors

Northern BC’s economic status altered by dramatic changes in several sectors

The Northern Dispatch released an updated report on different sectors across BC that have contributed to the current economic status of Northern BC.

“The pandemic has affected each sector in Northern BC differently,” adds Marleen Morris, Co-developer of the Community Development Institute at UNBC and contributor to the report.

She adds, “In our resource sector, we see demands slowing as manufacturing has slowed down province-wide, and for forestry, that rehabilitation is going to be dependant on what is going on in the global marketplace.”

The North’s Services, Retail and Tourism sectors in BC have been affected differently, as many businesses have been ordered to shut down or change.

“Some businesses were very nimble, as they were able to switch to online orders or curbside pickup, so this is where we are able to help stabilize by purchasing and vacationing locally and regionally,” adds Morris.

She also notes how direct and indirect employment on Site C,  LNG Canada and the Coastal Gaslink projects in Northern B.C will greatly assist in rehabilitating the region’s economy.

Morris explains that in order for a full economic recovery, “the provincial government needs to be able to move in and out of lockdown stages as the pandemic continues.”

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